A mansion built in the traditional architecture of Tzoumerka, worked with stone and wood, waiting for you to visit and enjoy the diversity of the mountain in any season. Combining the services of our guesthouse and amazing beauty in nature offer an alternative holiday that will surely fascinate you.

The environment is distinguished by an aesthetic that rarely meet. The nature at Tzoumerka seems to welcome in the threshold of the guesthouse, decorated with beautiful ornaments, happy, smiling, welcoming. The guesthouse is open all year and you can enjoy the beauty of each season, making it the ideal destination for your holiday or your short trips and vacations.

Katafygi is located in Tzoumerka Arta and owned by Mr. Panoutsos Harris and Mrs. Dannelly Vaso for several years. These people ensure a pleasant stay and feeding of guests. They are willing to give information to visitors in order to do not fail to see any beauty in the area.

This accommodation is assessed at www.booking.com as the best place to stay in Katarakti for the value and the price! Here visitors money are more valuable than other accommodations in town.