Starting from the village of Katarraktis, follow the stream located on the southeast side of the village and cross the scenic bridge. At the end of the bridge turn left and follow the narrow path continues upwards. You will encounter some red signs indicating the route but in sparse spots. Continuing your journey you will find the chapel of Prophet Elias. From here begins a difficult journey on the back that stretches in front of you. The old aqueduct of village, helps you to orient destined for folds in place Aloni Hioni. On the north side you can make a stop at the impressive waterfall. From here begin, probably,the difficult part. The forest road leads over the waterfall and the source that existed here, no longer exists. From here on the path follows a single possible way to the top Katafidi the right.

Uploading will not be the easiest that you have mde in your life but the experience will carry you. Once you reach the top of the Diaselo, what you’ll see will reward you for your trouble. The proud Agrafa spread like rainny water in front of you, with Kakarditsa north, and Ioannina as the depth of the horizon. Left and below is the plateau of Koustelaton and deep low is Theodoriana.